To Dream of Silence Video Released

Jeff Reilly’s music surges from a river so deep, so real and so strong it will carry you with it. To Dream of Silence is the culmination of a lifetime navigating that river and it is a beautiful journey.”  (Tom Allen, writer/storyteller and host of Shift on CBC Radio 2)
(Halifax, NS) In support of the new album, To Dream of Silence, Sanctuary Concerts has just released a beautiful new music video, which artfully illustrates this dark, heart-filled meditation on the human psyche, as manifested in the dreams of Halifax musician, Jeff Reilly. Occupying a unique sound world. Jeff Reilly’s bass clarinet combines with the pipe organ of long-time collaborator Peter-Anthony Togni on the album, the extended percussion of Jerry Granelli, two full string orchestras, a string quartet and the sound sculptures created in the tiny village of East Dover, Nova Scotia by the blacksmith, John Little. Rinde Eckert adds a great deal with his sparse and powerful narrations.
You can watch the video from the new album here:
Included in To Dream of Silence is a new work by Canadian composer Christos Hatzis entitled Extreme Unction. It is a powerful depiction of both the struggles against, and the final acceptance of the inevitability of death. Extreme Unction is a very fitting way to complete a series of pieces about psychological and spiritual transitions. Death, as this brilliant work by Christos shows us, is the ultimate transition. About this work and Jeff Reilly, composer Hatzis said:  “I have been, am, and will always be a strong Jeff Reilly fan…I have collaborated with Jeff on a number of projects, all of them among the strongest collaborations I have ever been involved with….he…pours his rich soul into his own compositions and imbues them with his luminosity, wisdom and optimism, even when the music depicts life’s darker moments.”
To Dream of Silence is now available on every major downloading and streaming site internationally (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.) and physical copies can be ordered at
The full To Dream of Silence suite will be performed as part of the Open Waters Festival on January 9, 2018 at the Halifax Music Coop.

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